Models wearing the Classic Black Derby Jacket with Orange Paisley

 Models wearing the classic Black derby jacket with Orange inside


  • Glenn Murray
    Black w/ gold paisley please.

    Could you guys go to a pre-sale system? That way you guarantee sales before shipment. It’s a definite guaranteed increase in sales (customers’ smiles and loyalty to spread the DERBY word and a major decrease on customer frustration and repeat annoying emails. 😬
    Soooooo, watcha think?

  • Marciel Rivera

    Can I pre-order or do I have to wait in line?

  • Michael

    The black classic is back! This news had me excited at 43. I was first introduced to the derby by my grandpops, and I started rocking my first derby in the early 90’s. I’ve been searching for the timeless classic black for years and actually received a replica without the famous lining in the mail yesterday. I put it on and acted as if it were the real thing, I felt like I did when I first wore a derby. I was saying to myself, “man I wish this were the real thing” I was still happy to have the East cost replica, but putting it on made me go online and check the DOSF site and see if they at least had any color available because I wanted a real deal derby now. I was almost in disbelief when I saw the announcement I ran downstairs to tell my wife, ITS BACK !!! THE BLACK IS BACK!!! I can’t wait for it to drop this month. I’ll be looking daily if I can preorder since I’ve been living in Idaho for past 6 years I don’t want to miss out on getting this OG top of the line fine GEM from the bay.

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