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Aaron Aujero at Apex Barber Shop in Colma, California

Nestled in the heart of Colma, California is Apex Barber Shop known for its original Daily Goods styling  products and place as a community hub. Opened in July of 2020, the shop is a pandemic baby and the product of childhood dreams actualized by entrepreneurial spirit. Co-founder and barber, Aaron Aujero gets into conversation with us on his passion project and connection to Derby of San Francisco.

Born in the Bay Area, Aujero describes his childhood in Daly City, between the fog and ocean, as one defined by his parents, whose care made the city his home. In what is also known as Little Manila, diversity was central to his adolescence and his days were filled up by time with his siblings and friends. Aaron said, “times were simpler back then.”

After school, friends would pile into his childhood home for haircuts by his brother, age twelve and Aujero quickly followed in his footsteps beginning to cut hair at sixteen. Recalling his career turning point, Aujero said, “one day I was going through the mall, grabbing all these applications, thinking they weren’t for me.” With the realization in hand, Aujero decided to pursue becoming a barber professionally and the rest is history.

Aaron cutting hair.

Aaaron Aujero cuts hair at Apex Barber Shop

Despite the turmoil and unknowns of a pandemic world, Aujero pushed through to open Apex and Daily Goods Styling Co. alongside his business partners, and fellow barbers, Ant, Ritchie and Jordan— bringing it all full circle to his high-school days. The community met Apex and Daily Goods with open arms and his clientele has only expanded as word is spread by mouth and over social media. On the making of their original products sold in store, Aujero said “we wanted to make sure it was something to get your day started— less maintenance, just something simple. A lot of products today require a lot of prepping the hair, blowdrying it in but ours are for easy fix and don't take longer than two minutes.”

From the quality of the products and trust built with clients, the atmosphere of Apex takes on one of community hub--Aaron noting how it is at Apex he keeps connected with loved ones. Aaaron said, “my clients mean everything to me. I love to see a smile on my clients face and they get to walk out with confidence to the world feeling their best. Thats the type of stuff that makes me strive for better.”

Daily Goods Styling Products featured alongside
Derby's Leather Travel Duffle Bag

By nature the relationship between Aaaron and his clients is a reciprocal one.“My clients teach me that its never too late to learn something new, to always keep your mind open, be punctual and be yourself” said Aaron.  And of course, as Aaaron puts it, “without them, I wouldn’t be AARON THA BARBER.”

Apex and Daily Goods' values of community love and commitment to quality are ones shared with Derby of San Francisco—Aujero's jacket of choice. Aujero first spotted Derby sported on his sister, Lex, who wore the Classic Black and Gold. In sibling fashion, Aujero bought his own which then led to him becoming a Derby loyalist. “You see a lot of other jackets replicating the same style, but the Derby has its own nostalgic look that you can’t find any where else,” Aujero said. Today, Aujero can be spotted cutting hair in any one of his Derby’s from the collection he keeps. If you find yourself in the Bay Area and in need of a barber, Apex is the place to go. 

"Wanna give a shout to everyone out there chasing their dreams and trying to make things happen for themselves. Shoutout all the barbers in the Bay Area saving lives behind the chair. That one haircut can change your whole perspective. And, shoutout to my guys at THE LOT, Bay Area RC Racing, we the fastest."
-Aaaron Aujero

Article by Sage Bliss Rios Mace @bliss.rios //
All photos by Jessica Barrera @jess.filmgems //

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