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Ray Abad on Frisco Love & Family 

Papa & Son Duo, Kingston Santana & Ray Abad

“On the day of the kids’ Derby jacket release, we had the torrential storm; Hurricane Frisco hit on that day. Being that I’m a full-time working dad, I’d usually end up buying online but in this case, I didn’t want to take a chance. So I said, ‘I'm goingto beast it out’ and it was quite the experience;” These words warmly said by Ray Abad -our November contributor to the community spotlight series- spark shared laughter and set the ground for a conversation rooted in Frisco love and family. 

Ray Abad proudly  introduces  himself as father  to his two-year-old son,  Kingston  Santana--who is  now an owner of the Kids Derby Black Jacket thanks to his papa’s determination. In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, Ray, like many of us, worked to find balance and rhythm in navigating the new transitions of a pandemic world. In the case of Ray, it looked like finding meaningful ways to soak up quality time with his son and fiance while juggling business responsibilities and school.
In opening up about his family, Ray immediately gives his fiance her flowers, singing praises:

“I’ve also started helping my fiance with her business Soul Kandy; she does candles, handmade aromatherapy goods and sells out of The Higher Consciousness. She’s actually also a medical hospice caretaker and started a program out of her job to gift patients with her crafted goods to help them with their overall transition.”

Ray moves forward to detail the beautiful quality of her products which he’s gotten to help with on the business end due to his career experience and graphic design skills, he’s currently strengthening in school.

In his own work, a full circle is drawn to Derby as his sunglasses business, Kahoy Kollection  brought him to a 2010 event, in which he met Victor Suarez III and got into conversation on his childhood favorite brand:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Derby since I was a kid. I got my first Derby in elementary school and I received it as a hand me down from one of my cousin’s friends who was six or seven years older than me. It was navy blue, the classic ones you put out now, and I was in love with the jacket mostly for the gold paisley lining, I felt like it was a hidden treasure inside of the jacket.”

When Derby closed up shop, Ray found himself searching through thrift stores in hopes of replacing the childhood jacket he’d grown out of but with no luck. When Derby of San Francisco opened up in 2012, Ray’s prayers were answered and he proudly reports himself as one of the first customers, whose love for Derby is shared with his family. 

Kingston Santana wearing the Black Derby Kids Jacket

“We all wear Derby’s: me, my fiance, my son, and I just bought the pink one for my mom, whose mom is a breast cancer survivor, and loves the color pink. San Francisco has changed so much from the Bay Area that we grew up in so I really latch onto the things that are truly authentically San Francisco, with deep San Francisco Roots-- I understand and commend Victor’s passion for bringing Derby back.”

Special Thanks to Ray Abad
written by Sage Bliss-Rios Mace

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